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Support us for a price of a good cup of coffee

There are 33 volunteers working on the project in their free time. We don't have an office so we usually meet at cafes. If you like what we do, support us with an amount that you would give for a good cup of coffee or tea. Every bit counts. It would be very helpful if you could support us like this with monthly payments.

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Donate your time and skills

Do you have an idea, willingness, and time? Do you want to actively dedicate yourself to the project, or occasionally help out? Contact us and we can arrange it. The preparatory phase takes place mostly in the Czech Republic. Whether it's organising public events, assisting in the preparation of exhibitions, or promoting the project any help is welcome.

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Larger financial donatio

Do you have the opportunity to support the project financially and bring it closer to its goal? There is a year-round collection on, where you can donate any amount and contribute to the realisation. A donation can be a one-off or periodical. We can provide a certificate for tax deductions.

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Become a volunteer

Would you like to be an active and long-term participant in the project? Sign up as a volunteer. Preparation of the project for the next construction season, help with PR and fundraising, finding sponsors or working directly in Zambia… together we will find the right place for you. Contact us and let us know how you would like to contribute to the project and we will arrange it. There are never enough good people!

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