New Logo


We're changing the logo and not only that, we're changing the logo into a story! Can bricks be stylish and do they even have a deeper meaning? They can! And they do!

And what does that mean to us? It's about emotion. When we see a beautiful building, a monument, a garden or even a person, we immediately form a mental image. We rejoice and try to understand exactly what each element means. What is the story behind it. Why is it where it is...

The story of the Eiffel Tower, for example, or, closer to us, the Žižkov Tower. The opinions are contradictory, but they have one thing in common, they are opinions full of emotion, which are supported by the fact that a building element completes the environment in which it is located until it becomes a calling card of a certain place. It is similar with our bricks.

Of course they won't become the calling card of Zambia (it's really hard to compete with Victoria Falls), but they will become the calling card of our project. A calling card for the school we are building with the locals and for the locals.

The logo design was done in collaboration with Ondrej Czarnogulsky, thank you very much!