Traditional buildings in rural area of Zambia


Traditional buildings are connected with the way of life in the rural area and climatic condition in the locality. A typical family in rural area owns a piece of land to grow crops and vegetables for a whole year. Houses are rather small, dedicated to the specific purpose. One family has two houses for sleeping, one house for cooking, a dry toilet and sometimes houses for domestic animals. Houses for sleeping are rectangular shaped, with small windows or even without any windows. They are used only in the night for sleeping. These houses are the most developed and most cared for of all. Walls are made from fired or unburned bricks with clay plasters. The roof can be made from reed or by using metal sheet. 

A House for cooking, also called Insaka, is a semi-open building, with a fireplace in the center. Insaka is usually built-in circular shape, made by unburn bricks and timber in circular profiles. The roof is simple, mostly made from reed. This building is also used as a gathering place for the family, a meeting place for visits or for shelter in the rain season.

Kashitu 2018